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MOTORESS® is the only online women's motorcycle magazine of its kind devoted to women motorcycle enthusiasts of all ages and styles. We deliver an insider's guide to a woman riderís total motorsport lifestyle and expression!

MOTORESS® is the most innovative, respected and trusted leader within the women rider segment of the motorcycling industry, worldwide.

MOTORESS's® story is the story of women, of motorcycle culture, of what is worth knowing and seeing. As the eye of the female motorcycling industry, MOTORESS® inspires and challenges women to see things as they are, in both themselves and within the activity of motorsport.

MOTORESS® provides the content and tools to connect and inspire women riders to take charge of the handlebars -to chart one's own route and become her best self in motorcycling.


About the Founder
Vicki Gray

Vicki Gray

To say Vicki Gray is an advocate for safe, fun, motorcycling is an understatement – her life is fully submerged in motorcycling and she’s as passionate about the sport today as the day she first began to ride! She’s participated in all aspects of motorcycling- taught motorcycle riding to thousands of beginners, trained police in the Caribbean (Netherlands Antilles), raced in the Supersport 600 throughout Europe, co instructed with MotoGP racer Katja Poensgen, partnered events with famed TT Circuit Assen, and co-hosted a television program for the Discovery Channel. These are just a few highlights of her accredited bio not forgetting to mention her sponsorship by World Championship team Ten Kate Honda and during other competitions; by Ducati.

Of both Canadian and Dutch nationality, born in Ontario, Canada, Vicki sets the overall direction for MOTORESS®. Before deciding to become an entrepreneur, Vicki enjoyed numerous business development careers for major European Telecommunications companies. Prior to jumping on the ‘internet wave’ she spent many years at Excerpta Medica Amsterdam, (Reed Elsevier) in Medical Strategic Publication Planning for Europe.

In 1998 Vicki founded RaceGirl Motorsport, a non-profit motorcycle training and support community headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands which coincided with her personal road racing activities. She built the renowned global brand RaceGirl and its website- the first of its kind for women motorcycle riders. Her courses, online articles and workshops encouraged women, enhance skills and continue to expand the female riding community.

With RaceGirl's explosive worldwide growth and popularity Vicki decided to create a new brand which would satisfy the entire range of women's riding disciplines and in 2005 MOTORESS® was born! Motor is the Dutch word for motorcycle and of course ‘ess’ is a suffix of femininity. Vicki relocated the company to Toronto, its current International head office.

In 2007 she introduced International Female Ride Day with the theme of “Just Ride”, the only global women’s motorcycle ride event. Its embraced success by women around the world has made it a global phenomenon and an important mechanism for the motorcycle industry.

Vicki’s over twenty five years as a motorcycle instructor both in North America, Europe and the Caribbean gained her a role in 2010 as one of the presenting instructors (the only female), for the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme Commission (FIM) International Experienced Rider Training Symposium (ERTS). This was hosted in Canada by the Canadian Motorcycle Association (CMA) and the Canada Safety Council.

In 2012 Vicki achieved certification as “Honda Advanced Skills Motorcycle Instructor" from Honda Japan via the Honda Driving Safety Promotion Center Motegi, Japan. She is the only woman to date to have completed this training in the school's history, Motegi, Japan.

Vicki continues to work solely (soul-ly) on MOTORESS® while enjoying excessive amounts of diverse motorcycling!

Here you can also read Vicki's Blog.

MOTORESS® Community & Goodwill



MOTORESS® is Proud Partner of the Look Good Feel Better Program to Support Women With Cancer.

Since 1992, Look Good Feel Better has been empowering women with cancer to face their illness and its treatment with courage; to look towards the future with greater confidence. It was created with the belief that if a woman with cancer can be helped to look good, chances are she’ll feel better, her spirits will be lifted and she’ll be empowered to face her illness with greater confidence. With Look Good Feel Better women learn simple cosmetic tips and hair alternative techniques to help them manage the appearance-related effects of their illness.

MOTORESS® as charity partner with Look Good Feel Better, Canada’s only cancer charity dedicated to helping women manage the appearance-related effects of cancer and its treatment brings awareness for the cancer support program.

Look Good Feel Better workshops work wonders and have changed the lives of more than 100,000 women that have benefitted from participation in Look Good Feel Better programs. Beyond beauty, it’s the support from other women, the sharing of empowering information, support of compassionate volunteers and laughter that helps workshop participants gain confidence, lift spirits and take control.

Join us and support a Look Good Feel Better program--become a workshop volunteer or make a donation. Visit the Canadian website or a Look Good Feel Better in your country.



We enjoy hearing from you and welcome your input! Use our "Contact Us" page to share your discoveries, developments, stories, tips and views with us and our readers!

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