Harley-Davidson Garage Party for Women Who Want to Get Into Motorcycling

Harley-Davidson Garage Party for Women who Want To Ride - MOTORESS

Harley-Davidson Garage Party for Women who Want To Ride

Harley-Davidson Garage Party events are hosted by Harley dealerships around the world to help more women get into motorcycling. These are exclusive events, dedicated to introducing women to motorcycling where women get the chance to understand all the steps to getting into motorcycling.

Now considered an institution for most Harley-Davidson retailers, the Harley-Davidson Garage Party events allow women who do not yet have their licence, but  also those who are intrigued by motorcycling to come together and learn about motorcycles and ask questions in a non-intimidating, fun environment.

Harley-Davidson Garage Party Events Offer Demonstrations

Some of the activities offered at Harley-Davidson garage party events include seminars on how to get your motorcycle licence, differences in motorcycle models, customization opportunities, and motorcycling as an incredible social activity. Many Harley-Davidson retailers will also offer demonstrations on how to do a bike lift and the most effective ways to pack for a motorcycle trip.

Additionally, guests will be able to experience the latest Harley-Davidson fashions specifically tailored for women, including items from the popular “make a purchase with a purpose” Harley-Davidson Pink Label Collection,  where portions of the sales are donated to Harley’s various breast cancer partners.  The Pink Label Collection offerings and Garage Party events are part of a broader Harley-Davidson initiative with a focus on empowering women.

For more information on Harley-Davidson garage party events contact an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer near you.


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